Innovation Sprints

Innovation Sprints

Innovation Sprints

help companies develop new products, services and experiences that brands can offer target audiences. Conducted virtually or in-person, these projects immerse teams across an organization and deliver actionable opportunities

To bring these offers to life, guide clients in answering questions around two big areas:

Key Business Questions Answered

  • What are the consumer unmet needs, pain points, or future-JTBD?
  • What ideas will best address gaps and be compelling and ownable?
  • How do we visually and verbally bring the top ideas to life?
  • How do we ensure these ideas are not only desirable, but also viable and feasible for the business?

Our 'Modular, Virtual Innovation Sprint" Solution involves three types of Sprints:

  1. Discover: Identify unmet needs & prioritize opportunity areas
  2. Define: Ideate solutions, define ideas and prioritize leads
  3. Develop: Add fidelity to ideas and create potential business propositions

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