Innovation Sprints

Innovation Sprints

Innovation Sprints

We help businesses conceptualize new products and offers via Innovation Sprints.

To bring these offers to life, guide clients in answering questions around two big areas:

  • Where do new growth opportunities exist?
    • What are the growth and incremental business opportunities for our business in terms of brand, business model, portfolio and product/service/experience?
    • What is our strategic growth roadmap and prioritized set of opportunities to innovate against?
  • How do we activate growth opportunities?
    • How to develop ideas and concepts that are most desirable, viable and feasible within each growth domain?
    • How can concepts be optimized for maximum business impact? What is the revenue potential?
    • How do we bring the concept to market?
    • How do we assess success post launch?

To uncover answers, we look to both ground our insights in the business and market realities of the present, while seeking out future opportunities.

To do this, we use a range of approaches the likes of which include: landscape assessment, brand stretch analysis, opportunity sizing, future Jobs To Be Done development, social & lead user innovation mapping as well as research like consumer ethnographies and Future Forums.

Each engagement will use a tailored approach, however in general we progress along the following path:








We assess the current landscape via a 4C analysis (Category, Consumer, Competitor, Company); We leverage existing information and can also conduct new research (e.g., brand stretch, ethnography, segmentation, etc.)

We apply foresight techniques (trends, drivers, and scenarios) to identify where the category and consumers are headed, as well as their future jobs to be done (fJTBD)

We map the current landscape to the future jobs to identify potential spaces in which the company can play; we then analyze, size, and prioritize these to determine their appeal to consumers (desirability), financial potential (viability), and ability for the business to compete and win (feasibility)

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