Trends and Foresight

Trends and Foresight

Trends and Foresight

Helping you Anticipate & Shape the Future

Change is not simple. Macro forces act "top down" to affect daily life, while small shifts and new innovations can, over time, act "bottom up" to change norms and values.

Forecasting can help predict how linear trends and changes might play out – but is not so useful to describe the complex, interrelated and emergent outcomes of disruption. Predictions about the future can be thrown off course, and trends from the past only take us so far.

To understand the future and how industries, businesses and governments should plan and respond to them, we turn to foresight.

Foresight done right, and activated, is empowering. It helps focus attention on what can be changed now for a better tomorrow.

Our Trends and Foresight experts use Ipsos' Theory of Change to understand Macro Forces, Shifts in society, markets, and people, and Signals of the future. We work with data, insight and frameworks, and internal and external experts to create bespoke and meaningful trends, scan the horizon for drivers of change, spot emergent futures, and build and work with scenarios and narratives of the future.

We apply these learnings to help you anticipate and shape positive human-centric futures in an uncertain world.  Becoming more resilient to change, enables you to capitalise on future opportunities. 

In other words: we collaborate with you to paint pictures of what might happen in the future, apply it to your organisation and put it to practical use through onboarding, training and actionable deliverables.

Key Strategic Questions Answered

  • What are the key trends specifically tailored to my organisation?
  • How can I create a custom-designed trends framework that my organisation can get behind?
  • How can I understand and plan for the most impactful and certain drivers of future change?
  • What are the Future Jobs to be Done for my consumers, and what does this mean for my innovation strategy?
  • How can I create visions of the future that can be activated against our long-term strategic planning?
  • How can my organisation monitor how trends and scenarios are playing out?
  • How can I grow a foresight capability within my organisation?

Our approach to Trends and Foresight is always underpinned by our Theory of Change, but operates on a continuum of sophistication, effort & impact:

  1. Off –The-Shelf & Syndicated Reports
  2. Tailored Trends & Framework Development
  3. Future of…& Horizon Scanning
  4. Scenario Planning
  5. Monitoring & Tracking
  6. One-off or ongoing capability building programmes

For further details, please contact our Trends and Foresight experts via:

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