About Us

About Us

About Us

The triad. The triumvirate. The trio. Through the years and across civilizations, humans have always understood the power of 3—from venivedi, vici to the Three Kingdoms; any smaller and the balance is off; any larger and it's a crowd. Ultimately, 3 might be just the right mix of simplicity, rigor and breadth. 

This belief is core to our essence and  defines what we embody: the business acumen of a global strategy consulting firm, the rich customer understanding of Ipsos' world class data and research, and the action-orientation of top marketers. Together, this gives us the unique ability to help our clients find elegant solutions that cut through the complexity of their challenges.  

At Strategy3, we approach every engagement as if it were a journeyAs with every journey, the broader the skill sets of the travelers, the more successful the quest. With this core belief, we've assembled a diverse, multi-disciplinary team that brings our unique backgrounds and expertise together on every challenge. By approaching each question from different angles, we are able to form a more comprehensive, holistic picture

Our consultants have, in prior lives, been journalists, management consultants, architects, sociologists, marketing executives, entrepreneurs, brand strategists, and psychologists. 

What we all share is a passion for businesses, their strategies and customers, understanding behavior, transforming organizations, and telling great stories. Meet some of our team.

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