Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Using data to help businesses grow.

Whether we start with a structured dataset like survey results or macroeconomic data, or we have an unstructured stream of inputs from social media, our team develops analytical models that translate into actionable business guidance.

We answer questions like:

  • How do we make sense of all this data and effectively use it?
  • How do we tie different data sources, both internal and external, together? 
  • How can we link our data to leading indicators? 
  • What should we keep a pulse on and what is just "noise"?

While each solution is tailored to your needs, we typically engage the following steps:

  1. Discovery & Setup: We align on the the key business questions and challenges and audit data sources to determine what analytics can be run.
  2. Data Analysis & Optimization: Our data scientists deploy advanced analytic tools to integrate data and pressure test models to find real-time or leading data interrelationships. From here, we also build explanatory/predictive models for important business metrics like transactions, CX scores, or other meaningful brand measures and indicators.
  3. Advisory: We link the leading indicators to business outcomes from Discovery & Setup and provide guidance on actions to take, like where to double-down on current strengths or improve on weaker areas based on learnings from the data. We also agree on KPIs to track.

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