Identify Innovation Opportunities

Identify Innovation Opportunities

Identify Innovation Opportunities

We help businesses develop a fresh and useful perspective on their future which in turn can inform strategic development.

 To do this, we answer three key questions:

  • What forces are shaping the category?
    • What consumer or customer shifts are taking place?
    • How is the category evolving?
    • What are our competitors doing?
  • What does our future look like?
    • What future scenarios can we envision to understand tomorrow's possibilities?
    • How can we shape the market to unlock a desirable future?
    • Where can we spot opportunity areas that will future-proof our business by unlocking growth?
  • What blueprint can we develop to unlock growth? 
    • What platforms for innovation can we put in place to prepare for future scenarios?

To answer these questions, we generally follow a three-stage approach as follows, tailored to the unique question(s) at hand:

  1. Exploration: We start with gathering  quantitative and qualitative insights including drivers of change, macro-forces, trends, stakeholder and expert interviews, and published perspectives and reports.
  2. Envisioning: Using any number of frameworks (depending on the time frame and project objective) we build scenarios that describe plausible and impactful futures.
  3. Activating: We refine the scenarios and embed them within the organization through co-creation labs (Future Forums), and activate through back-planning strategy sessions and whitespace opportunity identification.

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