Segmentation is a foundational tool used to understand the customer landscape. After segmenting the market, we provide an assessment of where to play and how to win, at both a global level and for individual markets or regions. We also explore linking to your brand's internal databases to ensure full implementation and activation.

Key questions answered include:

  • What does the customer landscape look like, and who should I target?
  • Where are the largest segments in the market?
  • How can we win with target segments?
  • How does my brand(s) perform today across the various segments?
  • Which occasions provide the most ROI and how do we best win there?
  • How do the segments vary across markets and where should we invest?

Each solution is tailored specifically to the business question and client need, often leveraging these four stages:

  1. Discovery and Framing: Conduct stakeholder interviews to gather cross-functional perspective and hypotheses to be validated or dispelled. Audit existing research and strategy documents to leverage current knowledge. Conduct working session with core team to align on final research design and project plan.
  2. Research and Analytics: Conduct primary research (qualitative optional) with focus consumers. Apply advanced analytics to survey data to develop multiple potential segmentation solutions. Workshop with core team to align on ideal solution.
  3. Strategy Building: Identify focus segments based on a set of criteria including, but not limited to size of the prize, brand fit, brand performance, competitive intensity, and future strategy. Highlight where to play and how to win.
  4. Socialization & Activation: Conduct cross-functional workshop to deploy results, and bring them to life. Begin ideation based on opportunities identified and align with team on roadmap for next steps.

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