Demand Landscape

Demand Landscape

Demand Landscape

Our approach quantitatively crosses segments and need states to develop richly detailed Demand Landscapes. We leverage the data to identify 'where to play', develop bespoke strategies for 'how to win', provide stretch opportunities and assess areas to ignore all to ensure your brand is primed for growth.

Key answers to questions include:

  • How do we match a portfolio of brands to the right target customers at the right times?
  • Who do we target with our latest product innovations?
  • How do we better understand how our current portfolio is matching customer demand?
  • How do we ensure we can continue to defend our market share?
  • Where do we have the permission to stretch into?
  • Where does our competition excel and where are threats emerging?
  • What are the emerging needs that are going to drive the market moving forward and how do we capitalize on them?

Our approach is tailored specifically to the business question and client need, often leveraging these four stages:

  1. Discovery and Framing: Alignment with stakeholders on objectives and in-going hypotheses, key areas to explore, immersion into existing research and external sources as needed, and determination of all research needs.
  2. Quantitative Segmentation and Need States Development: An online survey of customers to identify segments which will then be crossed with quantitatively derived need states to develop the Demand Landscape. The Demand Landscape is then richly profiled and sized to identify the largest opportunities to pursue across target segments within priority need states.
  3. Synthesis and Activation: All inputs are collated into a comprehensive Demand Landscape map that identifies where your brand(s) has a right to play. Strategies are then crafted that allow your organization to retain market share and expand into areas of growth. Action plans are shared and refined in an interactive, cross-team Activation Session.

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