Customer Journey

Customer Journey

Customer Journey

Our approach to customer journey mapping is rooted in a deep understanding of all the emotions, touchpoints, influences and pain points involved along the path to a decision from a consumer-centric perspective. We take a broader view of the journey that encompasses the pre-journey experiences of the customer in order to develop richer, effective and more dynamic engagement strategies. 

Key questions answered include:

  • What touchpoints, triggers and emotions are involved at different stages of the decision journey? Where and at what times are my target customers experiencing the greatest number of pain points?
  • How do I reach customers early-on, prior to the decision cycle?
  • What engagement strategies can we develop that will result in meaningful progress along the journey for my customers?
  • How do we enhance customer experience across key channels or through product innovation?
  • What factors and touchpoints have the greatest impact on decision-making along the journey? How are my customers making decisions during key areas of the journey?
  • What can we do to not only win customers but retain and build a relationship with them? How do I re-engage lapsed customers?

Our approach is tailored specifically to the business question and client need, often leveraging these four stages:

  1. Discovery and Framing: Alignment with stakeholders on key objectives and in-going hypotheses, key areas to explore and immersion into existing research and external sources as needed.
  2. Qualitative Journey Exploration: Using Strategy3's proprietary Pathfinder Toolkits, 1:1 in-depth interviews are completed to provide foundational insights and an overall decision map is built during an immersive, client-welcoming, synthesis session.
  3. Quantitative Deep Dive and Validation: An online survey validates the journey created during the exploration phase and identifies relative importance and impact on KPIs and other key measures like conversion.
  4. Synthesis and Activation: All inputs are collated into comprehensive map(s) that identify opportunities to improve the customer journey, and prioritizes strategies and implementation tactics like marketing/brand updates and product/service innovations. Action plans are shared in an interactive, cross-team Activation Session.

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