Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

A strong brand positioning forms the strategic backbone that sets the tone for all that you do.

Brand positioning answers the following questions:

  • We are losing share in the market, how can we create a compelling, and ownable positioning to differentiate ourselves?
  • How can we future-proof our brand?
  • What are our target consumers looking for today and in the future? How can we best position ourselves to best meet their changing needs?

Our typical solution includes four stages:

  1. Brand & Strategy Audit: We review all existing brand assets and research, assess competitors and conduct stakeholder interviews to provide an initial assessment of the state of the brand and competitors. This helps us uncover where we want to dig in the research.
  2. Qualitative Exploration: We use primary qualitative research (online communities, IDIs, or qual groups) to understand consumers associations, perceptions, and attitudes. From this, we'll identify prioritized positioning territories to validate in the quant research.
  3. Quantitative Validation: We conduct an online survey to quantitatively test positionings and gather customer input to bring the positioning to life.
  4. Synthesis & Activation: We integrate all phases of research to develop a compelling positioning that we'll workshop with a cross-functional team to refine. Once we refine the positioning, we'll ideate on ways we can activate the positioning across key markets.

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