Brand Architecture and Portfolio

Brand Architecture and Portfolio

Brand Architecture and Portfolio

Developing a brand architecture and portfolio strategy helps an organization to define its portfolio to drive profitability.

This type of project answers things like: 

  • How can we drive profitability across the portfolio?
  • What are the adjacent categories my brand can stretch?
  • What is the role of each brand within my portfolio?
  • What's the optimal relationship between all brands?
  • How can we leverage the breadth and depth of our full portfolio?

We typically approach these type of engagements through three key stages:

  1. Brand & Portfolio Audit: We review all existing brand and portfolio research and conduct stakeholder interviews to provide an initial assessment of the portfolio. We also explore external examples to identify best practices across in and out of category brands.
  2. Qualitative Exploration: We can use primary qualitative research (online communities, IDIs, or qual groups) to understand the different associations and perceptions consumers have with the full portfolio. This will allow us to determine the current linkages and equity flow between each brand within the portfolio and form initial portfolio and architecture scenarios.
  3. Synthesis & Activation: We will integrate all phases of the engagement to develop different scenarios to workshop with a cross-functional team. In the workshop we will determine which scenario to move forward with and ideate to develop initial activities for a migration roadmap. Post-workshop, we'll build out the full portfolio strategy, brand architecture, and migration roadmap.

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