Business Unit Strategy

Business Unit Strategy

Business Unit Strategy

Our Business Unit Strategy solution is designed to help your company adapt to the continuously changing market conditions so you can achieve short-term and long-term growth.

Key questions answered include:

  • What competitive advantages do we enjoy in our current market?
  • How sustainable are these advantages?
  • Does our company's current business model effectively leverage our competitive advantages in a changing market?
  • What does an imminent change in market conditions imply for our company's growth and overall business success?
  • What strategic levers can our business use to make the most out of this changing market?

Our solution builds on the internal conversations your company is having by adding rich context about competitors, uncovering customer insights and building financial forecasts and models around plausible scenarios.

The key modules within our Business Unit Strategy include:

  1. Internal Assessment: An in-depth analysis of your company that results in a clear mapping of your strengths, and to align key business realities and context amongst stakeholders.
  2. Market Diagnostics: A deeper understanding of the business environment, how it is changing, and where the opportunities and threats lie.
  3. Completive Advantage Assessment: A detailed report on your organization's true market advantages, assessing their robustness and identifying gaps in the market.
  4. Business Model Strategy and Development: A detailed business strategy that is relevant to market conditions while considering inherent strengths, weaknesses, and risk factors associated with competitive threats.
  5. Implementation: The process of transforming strategy and on-paper policies into real-world operations. This essential step is challenging, and our experienced team provides your leadership with hands-on support to ensure that all aspects of the Business Unit Strategy are implemented effectively.

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