Natural Gas  in Indonesia

Natural Gas in Indonesia

Natural Gas in Indonesia

While many of the world's industrialised nations have largely moved beyond oil and coal-based energy sources for their manufacturing industries, Indonesia continues to rely on these highly polluting and sometimes economically volatile energy sources to a great extent.

Whilst the long-term aim has to be to move to 100% renewable energy sources, Natural Gas presents an appealing alternative to other fossil fuels in many ways, and Indonesia is actually a producer of this type of energy. With much of the natural gas sources being located far from the countries manufacturing industry hubs, the difficulty of transporting it via pipeline through the country's mountainous archipelago has caused delays in building logistics infrastructure.

Yet solving these delivery issues could bring massive long-term benefits to Indonesian manufacturers, saving them money while also accelerating the transition to cleaner energy use.

With around 25% of the cost of manufacturing in Indonesia now being spent on energy alone, large-scale investment in infrastructure for natural gas delivery could bring sustained growth to the Indonesian manufacturing industry for decades to come.

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