Understanding the Pest Control Operators Market in Russia

Understanding the Pest Control Operators Market in Russia

Understanding the Pest Control Operators Market in Russia

The client was keen to develop a better understanding of the private pest control operators (PCO) market in Russia. The main objective of this study was to support them in defining opportunity areas through a better understanding of this market by profiling the main market players, analysing the value chain, and understanding current PCO practices and end customer needs and expectations.

About the Client

The client produces a diverse portfolio of products across three industries: agriculture, materials science and pharmaceutical. They have consolidated companies in over 70 countries and their products are distributed worldwide through both direct sales and local distributor networks.

Business Issue

The client felt that they didn't have enough of an understanding of the PCO market in Russia in order to make strategic decisions on how to grow their market share there. Ipsos Business Consulting was therefore engaged to help them with defining opportunity areas through a better understanding of the market.

Ipsos Business Consulting Solution

Secondary research followed by in-depth interviews with key stakeholders was undertaken to gain a comprehensive understanding of the PCO market. Interview respondents included a mix of supply side and demand side stakeholders: PCO companies, customers of PCO companies, industry experts, competitors and distribution channel players.

Four steps were undertaken to create a comprehensive understanding of the market:

  1. A Market Overview identified major developments within the market and their impact on the sector, the main insect and rodent species, the market size and forecasted growth, along with the main products currently available within the market.
  2. Company profiling was undertaken to better understand the top 10 companies within the market, their scope and their market strategies. A brief description was done of the next 10 companies
  3. In-depth competitor analysis identified the strengths and weaknesses of the client's competitors, their brand perception, familiarity and usage among customers and their positioning in terms of price and quality
  4. An end-user analysis was performed so that the client could better understand the end-user purchasing journey, their call back journey and the factors influencing their choice of pest control operators.


Ipsos presented the client with key findings of the research, demonstrating a thorough understanding of all areas of the market. Opportunities and implementation initiatives were also presented which could then be put into action:

  • Key Success Factors for our client to win in the Russian PCO Market
  • Strategies to overcome market barriers
  • Key marketing and communication strategies
  • These key strategic recommendations were used to underpin both the client's short term and long term market goals and strategies.

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