What are the key market dynamics happening right now that I need to be aware of and how do I respond?

The world is changing very, very fast, leading to new market opportunities and challenges across sectors. Market disruption
can completely reshuffle the competitive landscape and lead
to new rules of the game.


To thrive in changing markets, successful players adapt and reinvent themselves even when it means challenging their legacy business model. Having a clear understanding of the market landscape today and where it is headed in the future, will lay the foundation for sustainable brand growth.

Strategy3 uses the power of research to build growth strategies that are dynamic, differentiated, and durable.


Types of Questions We Have Answered:

  • Who are my key competitors and why are they winning?
  • How is my market changing and how can I evolve to meet those changes?
  • How big is my entire potential market?
  • What segments of the market are the most attractive for my brand?
  • What are the key success factors for new market entry?
  • How can I evolve my business model to attract new consumers?



Some Techniques We Have Used:

  • Redefining the Market Landscape
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Market Sizing and Potential
  • Trend Analysis / Futurecasting
  • Capability Assessment



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