How can I make sense of today’s volatility, anticipate the future and shape my long-term success?

As new future dynamics continue to knock existing brands and businesses back on their heels, taking control of your future becomes even more essential and possible.

We have all heard that the speed of change is faster than ever before. Whether or not this is true is debatable, but what is not debatable is that change and business volatility is the new normal. There is no going back to yesterday, but there is a way to think better and act smarter when it comes to the future.

Strategy3 uses the most effective and proven approaches to foresight, ensuring that your future isn’t being made up as we go forward together.


Types of Questions We Have Answered:

  • What can I get ahead of the changing retail channel and find a path to win?
  • How can I plan for new legislation that is going to upend my business?
  • Where should I look to innovate over the next 5-7 years?
  • What will my future consumers want, and how can I start preparing today?
  • What is the future of my category going to look like, and where should I place my bets?
  • Where can I find new sources of growth for my brands?
  • How can I make sense of the rapid changes happening in my category and get ahead of the change?



Some Techniques We Have Used:

  • Future Dynamics/Trends
  • Consumer Trends
  • Scenario development and planning
  • Future Playbooks
  • Foresight audits and training programs
  • Future Sprints
  • Multiclient Future Roundtables


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