How can I fill my innovation pipeline and find my next big thing to ensure continued growth?

Uncertainty is the new normal – major businesses are all facing unprecedented challenges, often from outside of their traditional competitive set.


Collective innovation helps businesses drive commercial success by leveraging the notion of collective intelligence to find their next big thing and fill the pipeline. We’ve found that disruptors come in many forms – all combining multiple forces to solve consumer needs and radically change markets. At Ipsos Strategy3, we believe the same forces that the disruptors harness are both the threat…and the solution.

We work with brands on their end-to-end innovation challenges, defining where to play, discovering key customer insights, developing the right ideas, and designing holistic propositions.

Strategy3 uses the power of research to drive growth, fill a brand’s pipeline, and find that next big thing.


Types of Questions We Have Answered:

  • Where should I focus my innovation efforts?
  • Which innovation platforms should I develop and explore?
  • What are my customers’ jobs to be done?
  • Where can we best add value in a customer’s life? What if we…?
  • We have some ideas but don’t know which ones to pursue?
  • How can we create a holistic experience for our customers, innovating beyond the product?
  • How can we create and establish a new category in our current marketplace?
  • How can we fill our innovation pipeline?
  • How can we improve our innovation process?
  • How can we get from insights to prototypes as quickly as possible?


Some Techniques We Have Used:

  • Innovation Platform Creation and Prioritization
  • Pop-Up Communities and Crowdsourcing
  • Ethnography and Consumer Collisions
  • Insight Creation and Overnight Insight Testing
  • Customer Co-Creation
  • Holistic Concept Development
  • Prototyping
  • Design Sprints



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