How can I position my brand to best resonate with both my customers and employees?

New market entrants emerge daily, traditional industry lines continue to blur, and customer choices continue to proliferate. But a well-developed brand will stand out from the crowd, including new and emerging competition. And a brand is not just a product, service, logo, or  tagline. It is your organization’s most important asset.


In fact, your brand is whatever comes to mind when people think of your product or service. And it is more important than ever that companies have a well-articulated brand strategy to guide their offerings, tactical decisions, and communications.

This includes having a clearly defined mission, vision, and values. It also encompasses clearly defining and understanding your target customers, how your brand fits into their lives, and the benefits your brand offers to solve an important customer need. This articulation of your brand’s strategy will also help ensure that your company has a clearly structured and defined brand architecture and portfolio strategy.

Strategy3 blends the power of research with a focus on actionability to build brand strategies that are dynamic, differentiated, and durable.


Types of Questions We Have Answered:

  • Who are my target customers?
  • How do my target customers view my category from their perspective?
  • What is my brand’s value proposition?
  • What is the best positioning for my brand?
  • What is the ideal brand architecture and portfolio to align with my brand’s strengths?
  • How far does my brand have permission to stretch?
  • How can I align my organization behind the brand and get employees to live it?
  • What should my brand be named/renamed?
  • How can I design my brand’s visual identity to align with my brand strategy?
  • What are different messages we need to deliver to different audiences?


Some Techniques We Have Used:

  • Developing a rich understanding of customers for whom your brand should be designed
  • Creating your Expanded Frame of Reference
  • Crafting your Value Proposition
  • Developing your Brand Architecture and Portfolio Strategy
  • Naming
  • Visual Identity Development


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