Our work grows brands
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Our objective is to help our clients achieve growth through a deeper understanding of their customers, markets, and competitors. From there, we translate that understanding into concrete, actionable strategies, and tactics. While we take on challenges of all shapes and sizes, they generally fall into one of our five practice areas.


Whether your customers are end consumers or other businesses, knowing the right customers to speak to, what offers and products will resonate with them, and how to reach them is a central part of any brand’s success.


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Customer Use Case

One of the world’s leading restaurant chains was facing stiff competition from new entrants in the fast casual category, the emergence of delivery services, and the continued improvement of prepared food offerings from traditional supermarkets. Starting with a global segmentation on both consumers and need states, we helped identify the key targets who were most profitable, today and in the future, the customers who would be most open to trying new offerings, and those that the brand needed to work harder to keep loyal. We used this work as a foundation to start an unprecedented turnaround of the brand: redesigning the menu, rethinking the restaurant experience, and launching new products and services, such as delivery. The results: a reinvigorated brand that has garnered rave reviews from both customers and Wall Street!


Given the blurring lines between categories, having a clear understanding of the market landscape today and where it is headed in the future will lay the foundation for sustainable brand growth.


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Market Use Case

A leading consumer goods manufacturer saw a growth opportunity in a fast-growing segment of their category that was significantly outside their core competence. Historically, their business model was based on consumable goods sold in traditional channels but growth was occurring in durable devices with digital applications sold across a much broader range of retail formats. Strategy3 helped the company identify key success factors by benchmarking successful players in related categories as well as doing an in-depth assessment of organizational readiness. A key outcome was clarity on the capability requirements for launch as well as the business needs on an on-going basis. The result: a detailed market entry roadmap and innovation on track for success!


Because a brand is whatever comes to mind when people think of a product or service, it is more important than ever that companies have a well-articulated brand strategy to guide their offering, tactical decisions, and communications.


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Brand Use Case

One of the world’s leading CPG brands had a well-developed brand in Europe where it originated, and was looking to build on this success to further penetrate the US. To do so, the company turned to Ipsos Strategy3 to leverage its wealth of existing research to devise a compelling brand positioning for the Masterbrand and its series of portfolio brands, including a new innovation that has not yet entered the market. We helped identify target customers, build the brand’s frame of reference from the perspective of the target consumers, and identify reasons to believe and brand benefits that all came together into brand positionings for the various brands in the portfolio. We then built a brand architecture and classification system that encompasses all existing brands and is flexible enough to accommodate new market entrants as the company continues to innovate. We have since been asked to repeat this work in the United Kingdom as the company looks for a consistent approach to globally build the brand.


Customers continue to raise their expectations for new and improved products and experiences. Collective innovation helps businesses drive customer and commercial success by leveraging the notion of collective intelligence to disrupt markets and find your next big thing.


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Innovation Use Case

The board of a global FMCG company needed to make strategic decisions regarding their ‘next big thing’ and wanted to find out how to get from ‘Jobs To Be Done’ to Prototypes as quickly as possible. We worked alongside the client’s innovation team, our industrial design partners, and consumers in an iterative fashion to develop multiple concepts and physical prototypes. Along the way, we defined the innovation strategy, conducted co-creation sessions with consumers, and iterated upon ideas in multiple global markets. We also worked with cross functional client teams to fully understand opportunities and constraints and new business models from a desirability, viability, and feasibility perspective. The result: a set of concepts and prototypes that the board has bought into and that the brand teams are currently exploring for launch.


Volatility and change continue to challenge every category in every industry. Whether it is the speed of new innovations, changing consumer preferences, or new challengers – nothing is status quo. Our unique approach to future blends a wide range of tools into a focused, effective, and powerful approach that can shape the future of any business or brand.


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Future Use Case

The board of a global B2B business is facing a daunting question – where to find growth in a shrinking market under attack from new technologies and competitors. We partnered with the Strategy Practice and R&D Leadership to create a future playbook, mapping out the key shifts that were favorable and unfavorable to their business and brands, aligning the team on the challenges those shifts presented, but also focusing them on where growth and opportunity lay ahead. The resulting output transformed their general posture from reactive fire-fighting to proactive planning to win, energized their leadership around a new strategic direction, and provided them with a clear series of growth pathways to pursue through M&A and innovation. The future moved from being unknowable to being ownable. From being disconcerting to being motivating. And the business teams moved from being siloed and scattered to being unified and future-focused.

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