Join our team.

At Strategy3, we believe that our high-performing team should comprise of amazing individuals who hail from, and have excelled in, a diverse set of backgrounds in both their business and personal lives – market research, consulting, brand management, finance, design, start-ups, and more.

Our Ideal Candidate… a whole brain thinker.

We are both analytical and creative, as comfortable building a model in excel, a visually compelling PowerPoint or simultaneously reading both The Economist and People magazine.

...likes to make connections.

We can connect disparate information together and can also connect with people across businesses, industries, and functions.

...embodies a growth mindset.

We thrive on new challenges, relish feedback, never rest on our laurels, and are always looking to improve.

...gets things done.

We are scrappy and solution oriented; our bias for action means we are more likely to say “why not?” instead of “why?”

...has just the right amount of swagger.

We are confident in our abilities and what we each bring to the table, but we’re humble about what we each have to learn.

...can laugh at him or herself.

We take our work seriously, but retain a sense of humor and don’t take ourselves so seriously.